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6000 Series Grades for Steel Turning MITSUBISHI

Oct 08, 2015 · Technical Information. 67 new MC6015 grade geometries including positive and negative inserts and wipers. 48 new MC6025 grade geometries added to current product offerings. 2 in 1 technology with gold colored top face compound layer enables high speed and efficient machining. Excellent wear resistance with Tough Grip Technology Expansion of ECO BRASS® Series - mitsubishi-copperNov 22, 2019 · Taking advantage of the high hydrogen embrittlement resistance of copper alloys, Mitsubishi Shindoh is developing high-strength ECO BRASS® that is wear resistant and can be used for hydrogen-high-pressure valves. High-strength ECO BRASS® is as strong as austenitic stainless steel and makes the weight-reduction of components.


Flexible set up possible with the use of 6 coolant ports. There are 6 coolant ports designed into the tool block. This makes it easier for the end user to set up the tool block and blade to a configuration that suits their needs. If necessary it is also possible to use coolant hose. The ejection type coolant also improves cutting edge cooling Hard alloy - Mitsubishi Materials CorporationA hard alloy suitable for use in cutting tools, which exhibits excellent wear and fracture resistance, is disclosed. The hard alloy includes a hard dispersed phase and a binder metal phase, and the binder metal phase is constructed so that compressive stress, preferably of no less than 98 MPa (10 kgf/mm 2), is retained therein.The hard alloy may be a cermet which includes a hard dispersed Metals Business Mitsubishi Materials CorporationGresik Copper Smelter & Refinery. Our Metals Business got its start in 1873, when Mitsubishi founder Yataro Iwasaki acquired and began operations at the Yoshioka Mine in Okayama Prefecture. In 1887, we also acquired a mine in Osarizawa. Full-fledged smelting and refining operations commenced in 1896, when we acquired the Ikuno and Sado mines

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Diameter. None Specified. Select from Drill Diameter. (1)Outer Diameter (DC) . Required Input. (2)Depth of Hole (LU) . *If no matching product is available, please increase the maximum value. Mitsubishi Materials Web Catalogue|Easy Search|Solid End Solid End Mills. Type. None Specified Indexable Solid Carbide Head Exchangeable HSS Ceramic Sintered CBN. Type of Machining. None Specified Slotting Shoulder Milling Counter Boring Deep Profiling Chamfering Radius Milling Drilling Copying Face Milling Side Milling Rib Milling Under Cutting. OIL & GAS MITSUBISHI MATERIALS CORPORATIONUE6100 series, with its 2 in 1 technology coated insert, further enhances the crater wear and flank wear resistance. An increase in tool life can be achieved by using our medium chip breaker system on alloy steel. UE6105 PDF (1.82 MB)

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We have high potential oxygen-free copper, a diverse range of copper alloys based on high potential oxygen-free copper, and manufacture mold materials for steel, steel related materials, non-ferrous mold materials, materials for electrodes, materials for electronics, high potential copper alloyed wirerod, high potential oxygen-free copper processed goods, and have a full range of other Tool Navi MITSUBISHI MATERIALS CORPORATION1. Work materials P:Steel (Material reference :Carbon steel, alloy steel 180HB) M:Stainless steel (Material reference :Austenitic stainless steel 180HB) K:Cast iron (Material reference :Gray cast iron, ductile cast iron 180HB) N:Aluminium alloy, non-ferrous metal S:Material reference :ium alloy 320HB, Ni, Co-Based Alloy 400HB H:Hardened steel 60HRCCopper & Copper Alloy Mitsubishi Materials CorporationCopper Billet. In the copper processing sector, we produce wrought copper products such as terminal connector materials for automobiles, electrical wires and copper tubes. We also apply our advanced technological capabilities to produce oxygen-free copper, oxygen-free copper alloys and other special copper alloys, which we supply globally.