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Duplex Stainless Steels Welding Guidelines

verview of duplex welding 2.1 Welding metallurgy 22 2.2 Welded joints preparation 26 2.3 Thermal welding conditions 28 2.4 Welding processes 29 2.5 Ferrite determination 34 2.6 Post-fabrication clean up 36 2.7 Inspection 38 n introduction to duplex stainless steels General points 12 1.1 Chemical compositions 14 1.2 Mechanical properties 16 1.3 General Welding Guidelines - MCAAin the Welding Procedure Specification. When higher preheat is required by the applicable construction code (i.e. B31.1, B31.9, etc.), that preheat shall be used for production welding. Welding on metal that is wet is strictly prohibited; wet metal shall be heated until it


CCTF stainless steel welding fittings are manufactured and available in the following types:304, 304L, 316, 316L and 347. They are furnished in accordance with ASTM Standard A-403, with material specifications to ASTM A-312 covering fittings made from pipe, and A-240 for fittings made from plate. SS 316 Welding Electrode Stainless Steel Welding Valves and valves parts and turbine components, Hardness of weld is around 375-400 VPN. Suitable for welding ferritic stainless steel of AISI 430, 422, 446 grades, chromium castings, burner parts, equipments of chemical, textile and food Industries.Hardness of weld is around 250-280 VPN. Specification Sheet:Alloy 321/321H - Sandmeyer SteelSpecification Sheet:Alloy 321/321H (UNS S32100, S32109) W. Nr. 1.4541 A ium Stabilized Austenitic Stainless Steel with Excellent Resistance to Intergranular Corrosion After Exposure to Temperatures in the Chromium Carbide Precipitation Range of 8001500°F (427 816 °C) Alloy 321 06/2014 SandmeyerSteel SANDMEYER STEEL COMPANY

Stainless Steel ERW Pipe SS 304/316 Welded Pipe

The Erw Stainless Steel Pipe can range from smaller sizes up to 24 inches outer diameter. Our Erw SS Pipes are manufactured according to international standards and are tested for quality.We also supply Erw Stainless Steel Tube & Stainless Steel Electric Resistance Welding Pipes in other material grades than the 304 and 316 grades of stainless steel. Stainless Steel Fitting Specifications Welding FittingsThis specification covers seamless and welded unalloyed titanium butt welding fittings intended for general corrosion resisting and elevated temperature service. Dimensions are in accordance with ANSI B18.9 or MSS SP43 standards and are generally available in diameters and schedule wall thicknesses shown in ANSI b36.10 and ANSI 636.19. Alaskanmanufacturers these fittings using ASME qualified welders and welding procedures. WPSAmerica e-learning resources welding of SUGGESTED SPEC. ON SHIELDED METAL ARC WELDING (SMAW) OF STAINLESS STEEL (SS) Scope This document provides information on welding and related operations of stainless steel which are fabricated in accordance with the terms specified in latest edition of the following Code:- AWS D1.6/D1.6M-Structural Welding Code, Stainless Steel Welding Procedure

Welding 300-series pipe without back purging

May 23, 2019 · When welding 300 series stainless steels, contractors can eliminate back purging in open-root pipe welding and still achieve high weld quality, retain the materials corrosion resistance, and meet welding procedure specification (WPS) requirements by switching from traditional GTAW or SMAW to a modified short-circuit gas metal arc welding Welding Procedure Specifications (WPSs) - National Automatic Orbital GTAW Welding-Single Pass with no forward travel during high current pulses:8-3-4:Automatic Orbital GTAW Welding-Single Pass and continuous forward travel:8-32-1:GTAW with ERXXX followed by SMAW using EXXX-16 filler metal without PWHT:8-4-1:GTAW of thin wall pipe with consumable insert:8-42-1TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION SHEETTECHNICAL SPECIFICATION SHEET All statements, information and data given are believed to be accurate and reliable but are presented without guarantee, warranty or responsibility of any kind, eed or implied. Additional information available at our web site:harrisproductsgroup 309L STAINLESS STEEL WELDING WIRE