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TEST METHOD General - The procedures given apply to the contact ultrasonic inspection of butt welds. Weld inspection is accomplished by introducing shear waves into a Plate at a selected angle and manipulating the transducer so as to scan the entire weld$ Fig. A-l. \,/--FIG. A-1. TECHNIQUE FOR INSPECrIiiGBIJTildELESMITH SHEAR WAVES Application of Welding Standards in Hong KongTesting of butt welds for qualification:The tests in BS 4871 includes visual, Radiography or Ultrasonic and destructive test (Macro examination and Bend test), whereas in EN 287 visual examination is mandatory and either Non destructive test or Destructive test can be

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Procedure. Spec &PT Procedure. QC 105 ; H . I ; . Ultrasonic Test (UT) for full penetration; DWG & NDT Map . Spec& NDT MAP&UT Procedure. Spec &UT Procedure. QC106 . H ; I . ; Radiography Test (RT) for full penetration. DWG & NDT Map . Spec& NDT MAP&RT Procedure. Spec &RT Procedure. Supplier DOC ; H . I ; 6 PROCESS TEST 6.1 Hydro Laser Ultrasonic Testing - advanced NDT - TWILaser ultrasonics is a cutting edge non-destructive testing (NDT) method in which lasers are used to generate, and then measure, ultrasonic waves in a material. Laser-ultrasonic testing is able to remotely generate ultrasound in materials without contact, leaves a very small footprint so that it can be applied to irregular geometries, and allows access to restricted areas via fibre optics. Nondestructive testing of aircraft composites Aviation ProsApr 01, 1998 · Although tap testing is a viable method for the inspection of composite materials, it needs to be followed by another NDT method, such as ultrasonic and/or radiographic inspection to

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  • Types of Non-Destructive Testing Most Frequently UsedNDT Techniques AppellationDefinitions of Some Key TechniquesConclusionUltrasonic Testing of Concrete FPrimeC Solutions Inc.
    • Ultrasonic Testing of Concrete How It Works?Couplant Concrete-Transducer ContactApplications of UPV Testing For ConcreteUPV Influencing ParametersRadiographic and Ultrasonic Testing of WeldsRadiographic and ultrasonic weld inspection are the two most common methods of non-destructive testing (NDT) used to detect discontinuities within the internal structure of welds. The obvious advantage of both these methods of testing is their ability to help establish the welds internal integrity without destroying the welded component. Ultrasonic Testing of FRP Thickness - UTComp:NDT TestingJun 12, 2017 · Ultrasonic testing instruments measure the time from when the pulse was created to when the reflection was received. One of the most common uses of ultrasound is to use the time to indicate thickness of the material. When the velocity that the ultrasound pulse travels from one side to the other of the material is known, the thickness can be What is Ultrasonic Immersion Testing? - TWIUltrasonic immersion testing is highly versatile and can be configured for single element probes, phased array probes and for advanced techniques such as FMC/TFM. High frequency probes are generally used for narrow component thicknesses and materials that are easy to penetrate such as carbon steel, whereas lower frequencies are typically


      Oxygen Cutting - General 602. Oxygen Cutting of High Strength Steel (50,000 psi min. yield strength) Wdding Procedure Preparation of Test Specimens Method of Testing Specimens Test Resuits Racsts Period of Effectiveness SECTION 17 - ULTRASONIC TESTING 1701. Gened 1702. Extent of Testing 1703. Personnel Qualification 1704.Ultrasonic Testing Procedure - inspection-for-industryUltrasonic testing instrument shall be calibrated for the examination and shall be capable of meeting the requirements of screen height linearity and amplitude control linearity in paragraph 5.3 & 5.4 of this procedure.(Trade name of ultrasonic testing instrument is krautkramer USN-52) Ultrasonic testing instrument shall be equipped with